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Henry Biernacki & Mother Teresa

“Simplicity of life: traveling has taught me how simple life can be.”
Henry Biernacki

I write for the people with whom I am able to meet while I am on the road. I write in fiction so that I am not the focal point of any novel, article or piece I do. I want the focus to be on the people and places

about which I am writing.

Flying has permitted me access to the furthermost reaches of this world without worrying about how to arrive at my destination! I concentrate on the journey and what it means to be going.

Henry Biernacki

The Galapagos Islands from Big Blend Magazines on Vimeo.

World traveler, pilot and author Henry Biernacki, aka The Global Henry visits the Galapagos Islands and photographs the wildlife there. For more about Henry and his book No More Heroes visit

The Steppe - a new novel by Henry Biernacki

Through this timeless novel, Henry Biernacki carves images of the steppe (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan), an area often overlooked by travelers.

Once Emperio changed his habitual routine, in Paris, of importing art, for one of exploration, he began to alter his life rather than accept fate. Emperio’s appreciative outlook to experiences, without definite outcomes, arises in the novel, and his passion shapes his future. The descriptions become tangible, and the reader feels the sways of the train, touches of the wind, relishes each shared meal, and finally absorbs the steppe.

Biernacki reveals the importance of the swiftly fading moments and those enduring lifetimes. “The essence of traveling is not so much discovering the newness of a culture; moreover, and far superior, the discovery becomes a deeper side of the individual, who takes the step to learn.”

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