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No More Heroes

Written by Henry Biernacki                                                                                   Edited by Henry Biernacki and Steve Schneickert                                           Cover Art and Illustrated by Rex Jeng Huan Liu & Janet Chen-Yi Chang

“No More Heroes” is a visit through friendships and life in the background of San Francisco and Nepal. Take a journey from San Francisco on to Nepal with this unique story combined with wondrous characters. It is told through the eyes of a fictional character, Niklas.

“No More Heroes,” began in July: a novel where people were his heroes. The readers’ senses are invaded: it does not matter if someone has visited San Francisco or even Nepal, Niklas describes the scenes, allowing a reader to dive breathlessly into the setting. Suria aka Foxybird and Niklas share an uncommonly tender friendship where their dialogue allows the reader to travel effortlessly deeper into the book.

At the beginning, Niklas thought he was adding to Suria’s life and towards the middle he realizes she was adding to his. Finally, they realized they needed one another for different reasons. “No More Heroes’” themes center on human interaction, traveling, love, friendships, philosophy, and sharing.


Henry Biernacki has written a novel from the heart with undertones of poetry beneath the prose. It will stay with you long after you have finished reading this unique piece of storytelling. There are numerous characters and locales in this lovely poetic adventure, which will induce you to read it again selectively. 

R.A. Jager


No More Heroes is a beautifully written testimony to the art of living. It is a poetic and joyful reminder of those seemingly ordinary moments and interactions that are indeed so extraordinary. Biernacki shares with the reader an uncommon sense of wonder and a profound sense of humanity. It is a rare gem in the form of a 180 page novel.

James M. Montoya

Vice President The College Board/ Former Dean of Admission

Stanford University

"The past should be the past unless you live it fully. If you live it fully it will be so vivid in your memory that it will not seem to leave." And so goes the bittersweet, thoughtful, and yearning wisdom that pours from the pages of Biernacki's book, No More Heroes

Victor Cass

Author- Telenovela and Love, Death, and Other War Stories

No More Heroes is part travelogue, part human interest, part inspirational. I felt that I was with Biernacki every step of the way as his writing style beautifully describes the scenes and images that he encounters along this journey. As one who likes to travel but doesn't, this book is an inspiration to perhaps undergo such an adventure. Bravo Biernacki!

Alan Mautner

Music Conductor

Biernacki's sensitivity and understanding only comes with the broadening effect of being a world traveler. Truly, the author presents heroes upon which the reader may model their own life. 

Kevin Brendan Arnold Cunniff

World Traveler, College Lecturer

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